Dear reader, I'm not updating these pages anymore. If you have tc or ip related questions, you can post them on the LARTC mailing list.


I found this information almost everywhere. Source of kernel and tc, lartc mailing list, HOWTO's, friends who are so kind to mail me more info, ... .

When you use the tc command, you have to remember that mb = 1024 kb = 1024 * 1024 b = byte/s and that mbit = 1024 kbit = 1024 * 1024 bit = bit/s. So if there is bit, it's bit otherwise it's byte.

The best you can do is reading the LARTC pages on They contain a lot of information.

-0- general
general information about the elements of QOS: qdiscs, classes, filters, numbering, ...
-0- HTB
-0- Bandwidth management guide
I wrote some explanation on how you can create a script to manage the bandwidth on a link.
-0- example from mailing-list
This is from a post on the LARTC mailing-list. It's an example of managing the bandwidth on a 65k dial-up connection with the prio qdisc and TBF.
-0- Second example from mailing-list
I received an email regarding the ingress qdisc. It's a small explanation how someone was able to get the ingress qdisc working on RH7.1.
-0- from kernel sources
cbq   csz   fw   prio   red   route   rsvp   sfq   tbf   teql   u32   wrr

Outdated pages

-0- qdiscs
explanation of the different qdiscs
-0- filters
explanation of the different filters
-0- unclassified traffic