Dear reader, I'm not updating these pages anymore. If you have tc or ip related questions, you can post them on the LARTC mailing list.


It's very easy to make the produced image click-able with a map. So you can click on a part of QOS tree to see the options and change these options. So you need a page for each element. Until now, the scripts only produces the image. The next step would be to make these picture click-able and produce html output. After that, I need some scripts to change the settings.

I tested with some different cbq setups and it worked very well. But there are so much possibility's that I have to try some more combinations to be sure that all elements are recognized and displayed properly.


The programs gets a list of the classes and qdiscs. They are processed and the output is generated. For each elements the filters are searched and eventually displayed.

It generates a .dot file and it generates a png with the dot program from this .dot file.