Dear reader, I'm not updating these pages anymore. If you have tc or ip related questions, you can post them on the LARTC mailing list.

Java scripts

As part of my GUI project, I wanted to get a real time overview of the tc counters in a graph in a browser. I discovered a java applet ( that does this and after contacting the author, he gave me permission to use his applet. But after studying his script, I created my own java applet, based on his applet.

This is my first applet. It's very handy if you want to create real time graphs. The main problem is getting the data to the applet. I fetch an url and parse the data, ideally it should contact a daemon running on the host. It also should better if the url contains a very accurate timestamp so the rate can be calculated.


URL issue


Tcgraph applet

This applet fetches an url with one ore more counters (maximum = 10). These counters are used to create a chart.

Tcgraph applet options

Tcgraph applet demo


Bar applet

I also created the bar.class applet. This applet takes 1 number as input and creates a bar.

Bar applet options

Bar applet demo