AIX 4.3 Hobbit Client

Binary Data Aix43HobbitClient.tar_.gz902.11 KB

Hobbit 4.2 client compiled on AIX with IBM C-compiler version

Configure output:

MAKE=/usr/local/bin/make ./configure.client

Configuration script for Hobbit client

This script asks a few questions and builds a Makefile to compile Hobbit

Checking your make-utility

Hobbit normally keeps all of the client configuration files
on the Hobbit server. If you prefer, it is possible to use
a local client configuration file instead - if so, answer
'client' to the next question.
NB: Local configuration requires the PCRE libs on each host.

Server side client configuration, or client side [server] ?

Checking for Large File Support ...
ERROR: LFS support check failed for large file support

What userid will be running Hobbit [hobbit] ?

./configure.client[91]: ypmatch:  not found
Found passwd entry for user hobbit:*:206:1::/home/users/hobbit:/usr/bin/ksh

Where do you want the Hobbit installation [/home/users/hobbit] ?

OK, will configure to use /home/users/hobbit as the Hobbit toplevel directory

What is the IP-address of your Hobbit server [] ?

** NOTE: Using (loopback), but it is probably not what you want **

Using AIX Makefile settings

Created Makefile with the necessary information to build Hobbit
Some defaults are used, so do look at the Makefile before continuing.

Configuration complete - now run /usr/local/bin/make (GNU make) to build the tools